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Event:    PACE Monster Truck Jam and Truck Show
Location: Alamodome, San Antonio  Texas
Description: Part of the PACE Monster Truck Jam, we were invited to both display and attend this event.  We brought many club vehicles to the Alamodome including a M37, M151A2, M38, M38A1 and a MB/GPW.  We setup our display prior to the show, answered a lot of questions then moved our vehicles outside for the monster truck events.  The M37 brought out the singers of the National Anthem under the spotlights.  We were invited to sit in the sky-box with a fully catered drink and food bar.  After the show, we packed up and headed home.  Definitely a fun event!

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Here's a shot of some of the lineup at the show.  Left to right, a '52 M38, my '53 M38A1, a '70 M151A2 and a '53 M37.


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